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Day 9: A Case of Current Stress

Dr. David Clarke discusses the case history of a man who suffered from back pain for 25 years before discovering the source of his pain and finding healing.

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Dr. David Clarke discusses a patient case history; topics covered include:

  • A man who suffered from back pain 50 weeks a year for 25 years

  • How Dr. Clarke was the first physician to ask the man about his personal history

  • How only on vacation, while engaging in physically strenuous activities, was the man pain free

  • How discovering that he was prone to taking care of everyone else (instead of himself) was the key to beginning his healing

  • How finding a self-care activity a few hours each week sustained his healing

Journaling Assignment

Negative Writing (on a piece of paper you will rip up and throw away afterwards): Take 5 minutes to do “negative writing” – Just write down all of the negative thoughts causing you anxiety right now, and when you are done, rip up the piece of paper

Questions for your journal (write in your journal, which you will keep):

  • What are your biggest sources of stress in life right now? 
  • Do you remember times when your pain was less – What were you doing?

  • Write down all the things you really love to do – Could one of these be a “self-care” activity you can do a few hours a week?

  • On a 1-10 scale (10 being worst) how would you rate your pain today?