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Day 5: How We Get Programmed for Pain

Jon talks with Dr. David Clarke about how our brains and bodies are connected through neural pathways that can learn patterns of pain.

After watching today’s video or listening to the audio version, scroll down below and complete the rest of today’s assignment. Questions or comments? See our support email at the bottom of the page.

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Jon talks with Dr. Clarke about how our brains and bodies are connected by neural pathways that can learn patterns of pain; topics covered include:

  • How neural pathways connect brain and body and are responsible for everything that happens in our bodies

  • How patterns of pain felt in the body are analogous to learning a physical activity improperly (such as a poor golf swing)

  • How with proper instruction we can create new and positive neural pathways

Journaling Assignment

Negative Writing (on a piece of paper you will rip up and throw away afterwards): Take 5 minutes to do “negative writing” as described on Day 4 – Just write down all of the negative thoughts you have about yourself right now, and when you are done, rip up the piece of paper

Questions for your journal (write in your journal, which you will keep):

  • What are your most negative patterns of thought? Write down the negative self-judgments or other thoughts you have most consistently

  • On a 1-10 scale (10 being worst) how would you rate your pain today?

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