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Day 23: Finding a Self-Care Activity

Jon talks with Dr. Clarke about the importance of finding a self-care activity “just for you”.

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Dr. David Clarke discusses topics including:

  • How as kids, some of us didn’t learn to play
  • How as adults, the concept of “play” is still important
  • Dr. Clarke defines good self-care activities:
    • You are physically and mentally engaged, and deeply enjoy it
    • You are not pursuing a “goal”, but rather just enjoying the activity
    • When you are finished, you can’t wait to do it again
  • How finding 5 hours per week for your activity is ideal, but at least one hour to start
  • How many of us may feel “guilty” engaging in play, but that such activities sharpen our “edge” and make us more effective in day to day life
  • How such activities get us out of our stressful patterns, and create new, positive patterns

Journaling Assignment

Negative Writing (on a piece of paper you will rip up and throw away afterwards): Take 5 minutes to write down all of the negative thoughts causing you anxiety right now, and when you are done, rip up the piece of paper.

Questions for Journaling:

  • As a kid did you get the chance to play enough, and just be a “kid”?
  • Make a list of all the activities that bring you joy (just for the sake of doing them)
  • Which activity can you do this week to start to find your ideal self-care/play activity?
  • On a 1-10 scale, how would you rate your pain today?