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Day 21: Taking Stock & Survey

Jon talks about “pressing pause and taking stock” of the last third of the program. You have completed about two thirds of the program, and it’s time to reflect on what new awareness you’ve gained. Also, be sure to complete the Day 21 Survey -- It’s only 5 minutes and we will greatly value your feedback!


Jon discusses topics including:

  • We are about two thirds of the way through the program
  • We have covered a range of topics and techniques, including:
    • The Monkey Mind
    • The Roots of Negative Self Talk
    • The Body Scan – A somatic exercise to reconnect mind and body
    • The Stress Inventory
    • Depth Journaling on Stressful Emotions
    • The “Childhood Series” to process negative emotions from our youth
  • A 5 minute survey – Please complete the Day 21 Survey; it will greatly help us improve the program for you and those that follow

Writing Assignments

Negative Writing (on a piece of paper you will rip up and throw away afterwards): Take 5 minutes to write down all of the negative thoughts causing you anxiety right now, and when you are done, rip up the piece of paper.

Questions for Journaling

  • What has been your experience in the program thus far?
  • What new awareness have you gained about yourself and your pain?
  • Have there been any surprises for you?
  • On a 1-10 scale, how would you rate your pain today?