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Day 14: Roots of Negative Self-Talk & Self-Talk Exercise

Mind-Body Master Dr. Rick Scott discusses the childhood roots of “negative self-talk” and how to bring greater awareness to these old patterns. After watching the first video, be sure to watch the “Roots of Negative Self-Talk Exercise” video (below). When you do the exercise you’ll want to be in a quiet and comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed.

Audio Soundtrack

Negative Self Talk Exercise


Jon talks with Dr. Scott about the childhood roots of negative self talk; in the second video, Dr. Scott presents and exercise to uncover the roots of negative self-talk; topics covered include:

  • How many of us have a pattern of “negative self talk”

  • How self-talk is "conditioned" when we are kids

  • How emotions like fear, anxiety, and unworthiness are typical in this pattern

  • Today’s Exercise: How through a guided exercise focused on our childhood home and primary caregivers, we can can gain greater awareness of where our negative patterns came from

Journaling Assignment

Negative Writing (on a piece of paper you will rip up and throw away afterwards): Take 5 minutes to write down all of the negative thoughts causing you anxiety right now, and when you are done, rip up the piece of paper.

Questions for Journaling:

  • What are the negative patterns of self-talk that you observed in your primary caregivers?

  • Which of these patterns did you learn?

  • What new awareness do you have from today’s videos? Do you see yourself in any new light?

  • On a 1-10 scale (10 being worst) how would you rate your pain today?