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Day 0: Setting Up for Success

Day 0 is all about getting set-up for success. In today’s video, Founder Jon Slavet reviews a series of tips and suggestions to get you started strong, as well as an overview of the first 10 days of the program.

After watching today’s video please take 5 minutes to complete our Starting Survey. Questions or comments? See our support email at the bottom of the page.


Today Jon discusses how to get the most out of the program; topics covered include:

  • Scheduling time each day

  • Getting a journal - check out our favorite here

  • What to do if you fall behind

  • Why you can’t skip around

  • Setting expectations

  • Why the program is a complement to whatever you are doing

  • How to ask questions and make comments

  • Responding to our starting survey

Starting Survey

Please also take 5 minutes today and complete the Starting Survey. This will enable us to improve the program for you and others. Click here


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Questions or Comments?

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